Because You Cann is a company located in Southern Alberta, in the town of Mossleigh to be precise.

Serena Donovan, founder of the company, started out as a medical cannabis patient. Suffering from migraines, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders as well as being a recreational user, she quickly realized the importance of product quality and maintenance.

For Serena, the important thing is not to bet on the highest THC level, but on the quality of the product in all its aspects, including the terpene level. As a patient herself, she knows that the highest THC level is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, nor is it what all patients are looking for in this field.

Because You Cann is a family business that Serena operates with her two daughters. It is therefore, also a 100% woman owned and operated business. They take pride in growing consistent quality products in their beautiful facility.

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