EXKA is a cannabis research, development and innovation campus striving to be a leader in cannabis innovation, genetics and extraction through unique scientific know-how.

EXKA produces elite cannabis plantlets and value-added cannabis extracts to consistently and reliably meet its customers’ needs. EXKA provides products and services to the life sciences (pharmaceutical, OTC, animal health, research) and the cannabis (licence holders, food) markets.

Exka focuses on excellence in everything it does and develops products and services of outstanding quality.

Exka strives to create and share knowledge and to better understand the science that will lead to higher quality products and services.

Exka spares no effort in adapting to the budding cannabis industry by developing materials and methods that are best suited to this dynamic environment.

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Site web temporairement désactivé

Bonjour cher clients, le site web de Kuzen.ca est temporairement désactiver pour cause de réorganisation. Pour les patients actifs, un communiqué vous seras transmis par email dans les plus brefs délais. Merci.