We are all links in a long generational chain that influences the course of our lives. As the old saying goes: to know where you’re going, you have to know where you came from.

The humane and humble character of JMF Growers comes from the immense respect we have for those who came before us. Those exceptional people who are our ancestors and who made us visionary entrepreneurs, strong in character, gentle, imposing, but oh so loving


JMF Growers is located in the Centre-du-Québec region, more precisely in the city of Drummondville, and was founded in 2019 by our remarkably dynamic team of passionate young entrepreneurs.The core values of JMF Growers are based on family and heritage to honor. Family is our benchmark, our pillar, as it represents the most memorable and meaningful trials of our lives. Family represents care and respect for each other.Our core values:
•Respect for the plant (because it’s at the center of everything)
•Listening(because understanding each other is an asset)
•Family spirit (to keep us strong and united)
•The spirit of greatness (because the possibilities are endless!)So, we have created all our brands with this in mind:Ar.go (a phonetic reorganization of the word “argot” by Mama).

This word refers to the familiar language and represents very well Pops and his colorful expressions as well as his silliness and joy of living. Ko.gna is another phonetic reorganization by Mama of the word “cognat”. This word designates a person linked to another by ties of kinship, but, more singularly, linked by women. Mama is the one who not only brings us together as a family, but also provides us with care and love.

Ku.zen:This one is Pops’! For the word “cousin”, because we extend our concept of family to our cousins who are our partners as well as our clients and whom we will take the greatest care (the more the table is filled, the more we laugh!).In the near future, we plan to live happily ever after and have many children!


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