Northern Green Canada Inc. is a federally licensed, EU GMP-certified (European Good Manufacturing Practice) producer of medical cannabis, focused on providing cannabis medications for a better quality of life.

NGC is a research and development driven company committed to the health and well-being of patients. Their highly skilled team of experts operates in an EU GMP-certified, 2500 m2 (27000 square foot) indoor growing and processing facility with a 4275 m2 (46000 square foot) expansion capability.

The company has expanded their extraction capacity to produce medically focused products including oils and vape cartridges. They continue to work with like-minded and respected partners on treatment-based cannabis medications.

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Bonjour cher clients, le site web de est temporairement désactiver pour cause de réorganisation. Pour les patients actifs, un communiqué vous seras transmis par email dans les plus brefs délais. Merci.