Bisabolol is a less commonly known terpene but still has a plethora of potential benefits. Also known as α-Bisabolol and is commonly found in the chamomile plant and cannabis. It can also be found in the candeia tree which is a native plant found in the country of Brazil. Though its scent is mild when found in cannabis, it has notes of wood with a mild floral aroma similar to chamomile tea.

Fun Fact

Bisabolol is commonly found in many cosmetic products. Bisabolol is known for its skin soothing properties and can help calm inflammation. Bisabolol is also found in chamomile tea which is commonly known for its ability to help soothe stomach irritation and promote sleep.

Potential Medical Benefits

● A 2014 study found that bisabolol has anti-inflammatory properties when applied to skin.(1)
● A 2016 research study found that bisabolol can have the ability to help treat acute kidney injury due to high antioxidant properties found in bisabolol.(2)
● A study conducted in 2009 showed bisabolol could have several potential effects on treating cancer, pain, inflammation and help treat pain.(3)

Strains high in Bisabolol

● Pink Kush
● HeadBand
● Rockstar
● Master Kush

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