Fair Play – Sport and Cannabis with Anmoldeep Sahota (Sunny)

Let me introduce myself. My Name is Anmoldeep (Sunny), born and raised in Patiala, Punjab, India. I have been active Individual since my childhood and played sports Volleyball and taekwondo during my school period. Due to injury during one game and accident from bike that caused injury in my lower back (specifically injured Quadratus Lumborum […]

Fair play – Sport and Cannabis with Angelina Blessed

I started doing Muay Thai in 2005 after I had stopped going out as much, but still felt I had a lot of energy to burn off still. I was not athletic at all and without any knowledge of training just started running with my dog in High Park. Shortly after that I met Ajahn […]

Fair Play – Sports and Cannabis with Matthew Thouin Pellegrino

My name is Matthew Thouin Pelligrino and since I was young, I have been involved in board sports like skateboarding and snowboarding. Later in my teenage years, I slowly integrated contact sports such as karate and taekwondo. I never liked to practice team sports. At the moment, I am training hard in a martial art […]

Fair Play – Sport and Cannabis with Nicolas Boulay

Football has always been a part of our family activities. My father played all the way to the university level and shared his love for the sport with us. I started playing football myself in high school in South Carolina and then spent 1 year in the NCAA at Newberry College and then came to […]

Fair Play – Sport and Cannabis with Trevor Quinton

I am Trevor Quinton from Port Carling and currently reside in Huntsville, Ontario. I compete in ultra distance marathon canoe races in the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) class. I started my sport with a kayak that was going to be thrown in the dump. As soon as the ice finished melting in the spring of […]

Fair Play – Sport and Cannabis with George Skoulakis

My name is George Skoulakis, I’m 28 years old at the moment of writing this, and I’m from Laval, QC. I played football from high school until college. After that, I became a CrossFit athlete up until I decided to stop competing in 2021. Like most people, I had to work to get where I […]

Cannabis Basics

Welcome to Kuzen.ca! Ku.zen is a new virtual medical cannabis counter. We’re glad you’re here! Cannabis is a complex plant that can be confusing. With more and more studies being done, even the most experienced cannabis users can always learn something new. Here, at Kuzen.ca, we want to help you understand cannabis and have the […]

How to get out of a green out

First, let’s define what greening out means. We could say that “Green Out” is to consuming too much THC what “Black Out” is to consuming too much alcohol. Of course, it’s not the same type of reaction, and that’s what we’ll explain here. Sometimes, there is a fine line between a good THC high and […]


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