Ar.go – A JMF Growers brand

Ar.go is the first brand of JMF Growers. It is a phonetic reorganization of the word “argot” (slang). In old French, this word refers to the popular and familiar language of certain social groups. Because every community has its own jargon, because cannabis is our family’s jargon, because it’s a reference to Pops and his […]

Ko.gna – Une marque de JMF Growers

JMF Growers is proud to introduce its second brand: Ko.gna. When Mama created the image and story of JMF Growers, she chose to put forward the theme of family. Ko.gna is a phonetic variation of the word “cognat” in French, which means, in general, the one who is joined to a person by the ties […]


Like all our brands, Me.zon is a phonetic reorganization of the word “house”, in French (“maison”). Why Me.zon? The house, the home, is the dwelling, the shelter, the reassuring space for the family. We cannot evoke the home without also having this feeling of belonging, of warmth, of security. Home is the first world of […]

Gimme An Ace

In the 1940s in the United States, the popular expression “Gimme an ace” referred to cannabis. When people were looking for it, they would go to a vendor they knew and discreetly ask “Gimme an ace”. Mama loved the expression! So, she chose it for strains that turn out to be more fussy than expected. […]

Popcorn Bucket

Popcorn Bucket is one of JMF Growers’ house brands. Popcorn Bucket because they are popcorn-sized buds. The same quality product, in a smaller size, at a lower price! Something for everyone! That’s the best cannabis family, period! Having worked closely with a demanding clientele in the recreational market, our Mama had the perfect opportunity to […]


Site web temporairement désactivé

Bonjour cher clients, le site web de est temporairement désactiver pour cause de réorganisation. Pour les patients actifs, un communiqué vous seras transmis par email dans les plus brefs délais. Merci.