I am Trevor Quinton from Port Carling and currently reside in Huntsville, Ontario. I compete in ultra distance marathon canoe races in the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) class.

I started my sport with a kayak that was going to be thrown in the dump. As soon as the ice finished melting in the spring of 2015, I put on my wetsuit and a life jacket and started to get the hang of it. Towards the end of the following summer, I bought a faster kayak and signed up for a 20km race. I did very well and have been training for the Muskoka River X every year since. I switched to standing because my hips didn’t like sitting during a 133km race!

I am an amateur athlete.

2017: 1st solo racer across the finish of the MRX Sprint 80km race, 3rd overall and 1st place in kayak.

2018: 2nd place in kayak for the MRX 133km

2019: 2nd place in kayak for the MRX 133km

2021: 1st place SUP Huntsville 110km

2022: 1st place SUP Huntsville 110km

Currently, it’s the off-season, so I’m mostly doing strength training. I’m training high reps with kettlebells, and it helps build my endurance. We can usually start training on the water, depending on the weather, around March-April. Since I have a wet suit, I train at least 10 months a year. This year, the weather has delayed my 2023 start by 2 to 3 weeks so far.

Weekday night paddles after work are focused on speed and time for a 10km. On Saturdays, I paddle to work on distance and may spend 4-12 hours on the water building my base for the 133km race in September.

I don’t have any major injuries, but I have suffered a few muscle strains. I also get tendonitis in my arms if I don’t ice after races over 80 km. Obviously, a few blisters, sore bodies and other minor ailments are to be expected, but I accept them, as I am crazy about this sport!

Cannabis has been a part of my life for 25 years.

I didn’t train with cannabis until 2015. I had tried it before hockey practice, but it didn’t help at all because it was all new to me. Closer to legalization, I was able to get a wider range of cannabis products. I found more energetic smokes and once I started working out after smoking, I finally found that I had the ability to direct my mind and focus on the muscle group I wanted to train. Since that discovery, I smoke before every workout or paddle, but never during races.

I discovered CBD in 2017 with the opening of a store in Port Carling that sold hemp-derived CBD oil and tinctures from 500 to 1500 mg. So I started taking CBD to aid in recovery. Since their release last summer, Blessed bars have become my go-to after endurance workouts and races.

I also take CBG capsules now. Since I sleep pretty well, I haven’t really tried CBN. UfeelU is definitely a brand I will be looking for because of their full spectrum properties.

For THC, I prefer to smoke joints or with a bong every now and then and I’m more into edibles (in oils or edibles) when it comes to CBD and CBG. That said, rolling a joint has always been about ritual for me. Rolling a joint and then enjoying it is my best way to experience the flavors of the smoke.

I visit a massage therapist regularly, twice a month, and do as much stretching and foam rolling as possible to prevent and avoid injury. If I feel something is wrong with my body, I take a day off or stay off the water. I’ve been able to avoid sports-related injuries. My injuries are more of a bad luck thing, like a sprained ankle right before a race, for example. Cannabis has always been my Advil or Tylenol; I avoid pills whenever possible. CBD helps me recover faster and I also use it for injuries.

I manage my mental health with micro and macro doses of cannabis and psilocybin. Weekend experiences with psilocybin have opened my mind to new ideas and ways of looking at life and the world.

Cannabis helps me reduce anxiety and can calm and relax my mind and body. I avoid alcohol like the plague and like to get out walking or hiking to enjoy the air and nature.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this segment. I love showing cannabis is more then the old stigmas claim to be and nothing motivates me more than being the stoner that wins the race.

And not just any race; one of the toughest single day races there is.


WARNING: The stories we are sharing are the stories of the individuals who have chosen to speak out. These stories are in no way a substitute for the advice of your health care professional regarding your personal situation. If you have any questions about your health and the use of cannabis, please consult a health care professional.

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