To obtain your medical cannabis prescription, you can click on the following link and you will be redirected to the Cover Leaf Clinic: RECEIVE YOUR MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION NOW

Some tips that will help you fill out this form. It will only take you 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

→ First, choose the form adapted to your situation and the language of preference.

→ Enter your name, date of birth and contact information.


→ Enter the information about the medical appointment. If you do not use Skype or Facetime, leave these fields blank. Someone from the Cover Leaf Clinic will contact you to assist you.

When asked who referred you, answer “Kuzen”.

→ Enter the requested information regarding your medical situation.

Pay attention to errors.

When you enter your weight, it is important to enter the unit of measurement (lbs or kg).

When asked about the medications you are taking, it is important to list them in FULL, even if they are not related to the condition you are seeing for.

If you are in pain, you will be asked to answer questions on a scale of 0-10. Select the one that best represents your situation and answer all questions.

→ Answer ALL questions regarding your symptoms with “Yes” or “No”. Do not leave any questions unanswered as you will not be able to progress through the form.

→ In the section about cannabis, remember to calculate cannabis in all its forms (oils, concentrates, tinctures, creams… etc).

→ When you have to choose the licenced producer from the list, please select “KUZEN“ so that we can take care of you.

→ Answer “Yes” or “No” to all questions about your family and personal history.

→ At the end of the form, there is a 29-point section to read that represents your commitment to the clinic that will provide you with a medical prescription. Please read it carefully before signing and submitting your document.

We look forward to taking care of you!

Here’s the link for your medical prescription


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