In the 1940s in the United States, the popular expression “Gimme an ace” referred to cannabis. When people were looking for it, they would go to a vendor they knew and discreetly ask “Gimme an ace”.

Mama loved the expression! So, she chose it for strains that turn out to be more fussy than expected. Sometimes, despite a well controlled environment, it can happen that the concentration of cannabinoids is lower than expected, or that the buds are less compact than they should have been.

The idea was born in Mama’s mind when she passed by the discount vegetable shelf at the grocery store. Even though the flowers didn’t turn out as expected, they are still good flowers! Not wanting to disappoint the customers, it was unthinkable that these flowers would go through the Ar.go or Ko.gna brands, let alone be thrown away!

Like tomatoes with less attractive shapes, Gimme An Ace is our house brand of perfectly imperfect cannabis! It is therefore a product offering the same quality as the flowers of the brands Ar.go or Ko.gna, but which did not reach the expected results. In this way, our products will meet the expectations of our customers!

Quality flowers, perfectly imperfect, at a price that will satisfy even the smallest budgets. Something for everyone! That’s the best cannabis family, period!

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