JMF Growers is proud to introduce its second brand: Ko.gna. When Mama created the image and story of JMF Growers, she chose to put forward the theme of family.

Ko.gna is a phonetic variation of the word “cognat” in French, which means, in general, the one who is joined to a person by the ties of kinship and, more singularly, it is a link that is established from women.

Mama is the pillar that unites us to each other and Ko.gna represents her well because she knows how to take care of us, just as Ko.gna will heal the aches and pains.

Ko.gna is available on our virtual medical counter and under its name are the cultivars Fruit Tartare Haze, Triple Sour Haze, Deep Mandarin and Tropical Gelato.

The discovery of Ko.gna will overwhelm your senses!

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