Linalool is known for its floral yet spicy aroma. This is a common terpene found in over 200 plants. Linalool is commonly found in mint, rosebud, birch tree and many herbs/spices. This terpene is very abundant in nature and is known for its potential “calming” effect. Along with food and beverages, Linalool is also added to fragrances, cosmetics and soaps.

Fun Fact

Linalool is the main ingredient found in the essential oil of lavender. Did you also know that the average human consumes up to two gram of Linalool every year without even consuming cannabis? Linalool is that common in many products.

Potential Medical Benefits

● Linalool could have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can cause swelling, pain and discomfort. A 2013 study showed promising effects of Linalool treating and reducing inflammation.(1)
● Linalool is known as a sedative when inhaled. This was found during a 2009 study when researchers were examining Linalool’s anxiety reducing properties, but instead found the terpene to be more sedating. This means it could offer its users a more restful slumber.(2)
● There is evidence supporting that Linalool could be a way to reduce anxiety and depression. A 2018 study looked at the impact of inhaled vapor on mice and it concluded a decreased level in stress in the rodents.(3)
● A study done in 2016 showed promising evidence of Linalool’s possibility in helping treat Alzheimer’s disease by helping reduce and reverse some of the cognitive and behavioral impairments.(4)

Strains high in Linalool

● LA Confidential
● Lavender
● Sour Tangie
● Blue Dream
● Wedding Cake


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