Popcorn Bucket is one of JMF Growers’ house brands. Popcorn Bucket because they are popcorn-sized buds. The same quality product, in a smaller size, at a lower price! Something for everyone! That’s the best cannabis family, period!

Having worked closely with a demanding clientele in the recreational market, our Mama had the perfect opportunity to take note of what buyers are asking for. In the recurring comments, buds’ size certainly held a significant place. When there are large and chunky colas in the package, the buyers are satisfied with the product.

“There’s a lot of popcorn on the market,” says Mama. Might as well identify it! Plants are living organisms that cannot be completely controlled. Some imponderables will make the buds smaller, but the flowers are not lost! Measuring 5 ft. 1 in., Mama is living proof that small sizes do have their place!

It is a proven fact that flowering tops contain a higher concentration of cannabinoids than lower flower buds. Buyers of cannabis products are well informed and have requirements that match their knowledge.

On the other hand, it is also true that there is a portion of buyers who are not necessarily looking for these same standards in their cannabis. Whether it is for a moderate THC level or a moderate budget, the Popcorn Bucket remains a product of excellent quality. COAs are available for these products so you know, in great detail, what is in the package.

Not only does this brand clearly defines the size of the buds that will be in the package, but the Popcorn Bucket products will also be offered at prices that defy belief! So, there will be no disappointment for our customers when it comes to buds’ size. If you buy Popcorn Bucket, you’re ready for a popcorn bowl!

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