Nano Cannabis – THC Oral Spray La Doze Original – 15ml


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Terpenes percentage: N/A

Dominant : Hybrid

LOT: NE22080

Package date: 2022-03-21

Ingredients: Cannabis nano-emulsion (Refined coconut oil, Vitamin E TPGS, THC distillate, Phospholipids, Sorbic acid, Flavouring agent).

This product could help your medical condition and is suitable for you if*:

  • You don’t like smoked administrations or have a respiratory condition;
  • You want to take a cannabis extract without tasting it by incorporating it into a drink or food;
  • You are initiating a cannabis treatment and wish to start with very small doses;
  • You are uncomfortable with handling dried flower and making joints;
  • You want a very precise and identical dosage for each use.

*Ask our nurse or your health professional if you have any question about your medical condition*


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