Germacrene is a terpene found in many plant species, but it is not used for fragrances or flavoring agents. When ingested in large quantities, germacrene can be dangerous. Natural sources of germacrene include bergamot, caraway seed, bay leaf, chicory root, clary sage oil, etc.

Certain types of insects are attracted to the aroma of germacrene. Further research is still needed in this area, but there are indications that germacrene may attract more bees.

Fun Facts

● Even though Germacrene attracts insects, it can also repel them. Essential oils high in germacrene can help repel mosquitos.
● Germacrene can be poisonous if swallowed in large amounts. That is why it’s not used as a flavoring agent in food products.

Potential Medical Benefits

● A randomized trial concluded that germacrene can help maintain a healthy blood pressure. The study found that clary sage oil helped reduce blood pressure in females.(1)
● Germacrene can potentially help improve sleep quality with the aid of aromatherapy.(2)
● Germacrene can also potentially help alleviate stress and boost mood.(3)

Strains high in Germacrene

– I.C.C ( Ice Cream Cake )
– Slurricane


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